Babul Supriyo: I have not been a religious person, nor have I sung a lot of bhajans as a singer

“Life, God, Nature, Destiny, whichever way one wishes to look at it, have been kind to me and music is an integral part of ‘I, Me, Myself’. Neither have I been a religious person nor someone who sang a lot of bhajans as a singer. So it was very special getting to actually ‘sing’ a song to express gratitude for this gift of life,” he explains.

Talking about what he loves in this prayer song, Babul says, “The simplicity of it. The lyrics, the music, the video are all emanate divinity but without being extravagant in any aspect. That to me means a lot and connects me to the song. When my eyes closed, it’s actually an expression of ‘Shukriya’ to the Supreme Being and not mere acting for the visuals.”

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