Kailash Kher: Much before I entered into music, I was exposed to spirituality

Kailash Kher’s latest track is another one steeped in spirituality. “Much before I entered into music, I was exposed to spirituality. Toh sangeet se phele mera parichay adhyatam se hua tha. My song ‘Satguru Meher Kar’ is a special number. There is a Param Shakti which we call Satguru and this track is a pure and pious connect to the almighty.” The bhajan has been composed by Shameer Tandon and penned by Sameer Anjaan.

Talking to Bombay Times about his deep inclination towards spirituality Kailash Kher says, “I was always too inclined towards spirituality and that was the reason I chose only music in my life in order to live with those kind of thoughts and to spread the happiness that spirituality has. Spirituality doesn’t have any doubts, it doesn’t have any darkness, it doesn’t have any sorrow. You surrender, and once you are surrender, you are enlightened and once you are enlightened you can spread the enlightenment.”

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