What are you willing to do for the one you love? Tips Punjabi presents “Jinna Royi Aan” ft. Paras V Chhabra and Mahira Sharma

Singer – Ninja, Music by – Gold Boy, Lyrics by- Navi Ferozpurwala, Director- Aar- V, Editor – Shourya Kumar Lal

Link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNIjNl34Upc

Jinna Royi Aan is the latest music video of Paras Chhabra in which he can be seen romancing Mahira Sharma. A melodious song with an interesting love story between the pair.

If you are a die-hard romantic or someone who is up for watching an incredible journey of two romantic people and are interested to see love in its most intense form, Jinna Royi Aan is your destination.

Kumar Taurani says “Punjabi songs have a pan India fan base, even if people don’t understand the language, music conveys the emotions”

Paras V Chhabra says, “Romance is a genre that every generation can relate to. I am ecstatic for being able to be a part of it. Furthermore, Mahira has been an incredible partner, so it was an opportunity I am glad I took.The video was like a film shoot interesting angle it had and lot of twists and turns also this would be celebrating love month.”

Mahira Sharma says, “Jinna Royi Aan is such a beautiful song that I couldn’t help but grab the chance to be a part of it. Paras costarring in it was like a cherry on top for me. I really enjoyed shooting for the song and I am glad that our efforts resonated with people.”

Director AAR -V says, “Jinna Royi Aan is a love story of a couple who are caught up in act that twists their destiny. While the male part is driven a very unique character played by Paras the female is full of innocence and love played by Mahira . It was fun working with them. The story and the approach of the video is not attempted before. Go watch it”