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Tips was the golden dream envisioned by two brothers – Mr. Kumar S. Taurani & Mr. Ramesh S. Taurani In a small shop situated in the crowded wholesale market of Lamington Road, the hub of the Bombay’s music industry, a big idea had found wings.

In 1975, the Taurani brothers used to trade in LP’s (Long Playing Phonograph Records) for three of the biggest companies in India – HMV, Music India & CBS. By 1977, they had become the biggest dealers for these companies in Western India.

Encouraged by their first grand success, the Taurani brothers were determined to make their dream see the light of day. Driven by ambition, they put forth several ideas which went into creating their own record label. Along with a few trusted friends, they analyzed the market, derived their strengths, evaluated their business plans meticulously and went opportunity shopping. After countless days of burning the midnight oil, the dream took the form of ‘Tips’. What began on a very small level is today, is one of the largest corporate houses in the field of music and films.

Here is a brief profile on the founders of Tips:

Mr. Kumar S. Taurani

Post graduate, joined his family business of audio cassettes and radios in 1976. He started the business of manufacturing audio cassettes with his brother and built up a manufacturing and marketing organization. He looks after the production, purchases and marketing.

Mr. Ramesh S. Taurani

Mr. Ramesh S. Taurani has an experience of about 24 years and manages the activities related to the producers for purchase of audio rights, producing musical software and co-ordinating with artists.

The forte of Tips, apart from selecting the right kind of music, lies in music promotion. Tips has always been powered by innovation. Their marketing approach has been a stupendous success winning them great acclaim. The ability of the company to adapt itself to changing market trends has been proved extremely relevant in its success. Tips has been the trendsetter as it has always stayed a step ahead of the industry. Tries to catch up.


Tips today owns 3,500 titles of which a minimum of 10 have been 10 million sellers, and over 15 have grossed more than 5 millions in sales and another 20 have bagged sales of about a million. Since the year 1981, Tips has the highest number of gold and platinum discs to their credit in comparison with any other record label in India.

Tips also holds soundtrack copyrights of at least 50 Hindi movies, while the soundtrack copyright of each movie costs about a million dollars and another million dollars is spent on promotion.

Similarly, Tips boasts of its own distribution system. It possesses a set of distributors handling only Tips products, an exceptional phenomenon in the Indian music industry as mostly distributors are found dabbling in the product of more than one record label. This team of distributors serves more than 1000 wholesalers across the length and breadth of the country who, in turn, serve more than 4,00,000 retailers.

Tips also owns two factories which use internationally recognized, state of the art machines specially imported from Italy and Denmark, such as Otari, Lyrec and Tapematics. These factories incorporate digital bin mastering facilities, work on just-in-time inventory management system and use in-house logistics facilities to deliver more than 1,50,000 cassettes per day to the Indian market.

In what serves as a testimony to the company’s success, Tips has offices located in the United States, Dubai and England where it operates via its licenses. It also distributes products in South Africa, Israel, Malaysia and is currently looking for aggressive distribution and expanding its repertoire in other markets.

As another ace up its sleeve, Tips has now entered the area of film production. Under its banner, Tips has already produced ‘Footpath’, ‘Ishq Vishk’ and ‘Fida’ in the last couple of years. In spite of being the youngest entrant into the Indian film industry as producers, it already has three films under production. It has started experimenting with different forms of distributions, which is in keeping with the Tips tradition of setting trends.

After changing the face of the Indian Music Industry, this corporate genius has now spread its wings over the creative skies of Indian filmdom.